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Same Day Delivery für E-Commerce im Großraum Wien / Philip Richter
AuthorRichter, Philip
Thesis advisorGroschopf, Wolfram
PublishedWien, 31.01.2015
DescriptionIX, 115 Seiten
Institutional NoteFachhochschule des BFI Wien, Masterarbeit, 2015
Document typeMaster Thesis
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Same Day Delivery für E-Commerce im Großraum Wien [2.57 mb]
Abstract (English)

The growth of the worldwide ecommerce market has increased significantly in the last 10 years. With the growth of the market the customer requirements for the delivery service have also increased. Different studies have shown that the most important criteria for a high customer satisfaction is a short delivery time. In the last three years different solutions for a fast transport on the last mile have been developed. The newest development is the same day delivery, which means the delivery of an online order within the same day of ordering. In the USA a lot of companies are offering a same day delivery service, primarily in big cities. In Eu-rope the service is offered only by a few companies, primarily in Germany. Within this paper the author analyzes the actual market potential for a same day delivery service for the metropolitan area of Vienna. Especially the willingness to pay for the service is in the focus of this study. To analyze the potential on the supply side, a market analysis of Austrian providers and international best practice companies has been realized. For the analysis of the demand side, an online survey with a sample of 280 people has been realized. The investigation on the supply side has shown that only a few Austrian companies offer a same day delivery service. Compared to German companies, who are offering same day delivery, the Austrian suppliers charge a much higher delivery fee. On the demand side the results show that there is a low demand for a same day delivery service in the wider area of Vienna. The overall willingness to pay for this kind of service differs within the product categories but dont surpass five Euros in most of the product categories. The results of the empirical analysis reveal that the highest potential for this kind of delivery Service insists in the product group groceries and repair- and spare parts.