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Die neuen Kriege: Konzept und Realität / Felix Nikitsch
AuthorNikitsch, Felix
Thesis advisorThöndl, Michael
PublishedWien, 30.04.2016
DescriptionIV, 76 Seiten : Illustrationen
Institutional NoteFachhochschule des BFI Wien, Masterarbeit, 2016
Document typeMaster Thesis
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Die neuen Kriege: Konzept und Realität [0.74 mb]
Abstract (English)

The Thesis of “new wars” In the last years, a number of academics and experts like Herfried Münkler or Mary Kaldor argued that qualitative changes have been occurring in the nature of violent conflicts. In line with these academics the thesis of ‘new wars appears and point out the fact that many new wars are different in significant ways from earlier forms of conflicts. This master thesis summarizes the different arguments of the ‘new wars thesis and shows its characteristics to deal with the question if the Islamic state leads a new war or not. Therefore, the first chapter engages the question “what is war?” Then war is shown in a historical context with its different warfare. The following chapter deals with the concept, and shows the different characteristics of “new wars”. The thesis of the “new wars” shows that conflicts nowadays are asymmetrical and that states loose the monopoly of force while warlords, mercenaries, terrorists and other non-state actors play an increasingly important role. The characteristics of the “new wars” are privatization and brutalization of warfare and the increasing impact of criminal networks in economic sustaining. Since the thesis of “new wars” has appeared it has been criticized. In the fifth chapter the most important critics are illustrated and proved for its utility. In the conclusion the different aspects of the “new war” thesis are summarised and its validity is tested regarding the methods and goals of the “Islamic State” and its forms of warfare. The master thesis is unable to answer the question if the “Islamic state” campaigns a “new war” or not because different methods of approach leads to different conclusions. In some aspects the “Islamic state” clearly uses methods of warfare with the characteristics of the “new war” thesis while in other aspects the concept of “new wars” is not adaptive.