Einstieg in den Markt für temperaturgeführte Straßentransporte / Jessica Gürth
VerfasserGürth, Jessica
Betreuer / BetreuerinSchodl, Reinhold
ErschienenWien, 31.01.2015
UmfangVII, 180 Seiten
HochschulschriftFachhochschule des BFI Wien, Masterarbeit, 2015
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Einstieg in den Markt für temperaturgeführte Straßentransporte [1.96 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

An increase in customer and product demand, as well as implementation of government legislative regulations has lead to new horizons of possibilities in road transport. Ensuring constant temperature control during the whole transport process is a precondition for safety and quality of carried goods. Consequently, a growth in demand for the cold chain solutions has been observed. Although the market for temperature-controlled transport is hardly transparent, a lot of providers for logistics use it as a chance for diversifying the company offers and gaining profit. Therefore, one witnesses an increase in the planning of the companies to enter the market. The main target of the following thesis is to explore the relevant industries und product standards that will enable successful market entry. For this reason, literature available was reviewed accompanied by a qualitative study within the empirical research part. Consequently, a concept describing the market entry in temperature-controlled road transport is designed. The innovative concept should represent a basic model for companies that intend to enter the market. First, an overview of temperature-controlled transport is given, followed by the literature review of the market analysis. The Grounded Theory was applied on the data gained from the interviews conducted. The combination of the results and existing literature led to development of the concept that offers guidance for successful entrance in the market of temperature-controlled deliveries. Finally, the answer to the research question will be elaborated in the conclusion section.