Die Vertriebssteuerung einer Bank hinsichtlich sich ändernder Rahmenbedingungen / Christoph Strnat
VerfasserStrnat, Christoph
Betreuer / BetreuerinSchmidt, Michael
ErschienenWien, 30.04.2016
UmfangVII, 79 Seiten : Illustrationen
HochschulschriftFachhochschule des BFI Wien, Masterarbeit, 2016
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Die Vertriebssteuerung einer Bank hinsichtlich sich ändernder Rahmenbedingungen [1.67 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

The principal purpose of the master thesis is to point out how the marketing control of a banking institution is build up actually and furthermore how it could be adapted in the case of new challenges arise, e.g. a changed customer behaviour, for staying competitive. Therefore the thesis demonstrates the general circumstances for the banking industry in Austria at the beginning like the banking laws or the development history of it. Furthermore there will be explained some changes of the competition between banks expected anytime soon. After the basic background informations of banks and the expected changes in the competition the focus in the thesis will be on the marketing control itself. According to this there will be highlighted some basic processes, elements and tasks which should be fulfilled by an according steering tool. Based on that there will be listed some Key Performance Indicators which are basically used for steering a bank. The last part of the thesis concentrates on the process of changing the marketing control system in case of the new challenges expected in the future. Therefore there will be explained some potentials for improvement and risks which could occur dur-ing such a changing process and also an example of how such a changing process could be accomplished. According to the acquired results there will be given answers to the research ques-tions: “How is the marketing control system of a bank constructed at the moment and how could it get optimised and adapted in expectation of new challenges arising?” “Which Key Performance Indicators to steer and control the sales of a bank are the most important to generate an expressive overview about the current situation of the company?”