Projektkommunikation mit allen Mitteln / Guido Tonisch
VerfasserTonisch, Guido
Betreuer / BetreuerinOrtner, Gerhard
ErschienenWien, 30.04.2015
UmfangIX, 109 Seiten
HochschulschriftFachhochschule des BFI Wien, Masterarbeit, 2015
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Projektkommunikation mit allen Mitteln [1.93 mb]
Zusammenfassung (Englisch)

This paper deals with the theme „communication with all possibilities”. Nowadays a lot of different communication media exist, which have a big influence on communication arts. The target of this paper is to gain knowledge about the companys communication patterns in their daily business within projects. All of the companies use old types of communication media as telephone, mobile phone, fax, email, SMS and others, but there also exist types of media like Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Skype, Lync, which is known as Social Media. The motivation is to clear up the main question of research “Are there any social media suitable for a decent project communication or are they obstacles?” In an online survey it has been tried to find a practicable solution for this question. The first chapter deals with communication at all, to get an idea how communication works and how important communication is. The focus in the second main chapter lies on social media and nonsocial media. In this chapter it will be tried to explain and to list the different types of media, which are mentioned in the online survey. The third chapter evaluates and analyses the results of the online survey and interprets the outcome. The last main chapters target is to compare the theory from the chapters before with the practice of the online survey. The outcome of the survey was that the participants will agree with the fact, that communication is very important and dependent from the situation. Furthermore the companies dont allow the employees to use social media at all and strictly instructions, processes and guidelines are given to control the use of communication tools. Finally, the answer of the main question of research is that social media will always be an unofficial communication type and their use is not allowed for a decent project communication. Communication guidelines are necessary for legal communication, but partially they are obstacles for a smooth communication.